Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bionic Commando Rip by R.G.UniGamers (1.46 GB)

[MF/JB/AS/DL] Bionic Commando Rip by R.G.UniGamers (1.46 GB)
A special military unit, which consisted of Nathan Spencer, after a successful run last mission was deemed too dangerous by the Government. The legendary fighter was arrested and sentenced to death …However, the fateful day, some terrorist group set in motion a powerful experimental weapon, causing a terrible earthquake in the city, which has transformed the building in ruins and destroyed much of the population. The ministers in a panic: the goal of terrorists is not known, the ruined city under their control. The government was forced to change the temper justice with mercy, and bringing the hero apologize, give him a task to rectify the situation.Features:
System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
• Processor: Pentium Core 2 Duo 2,2 GHz / Athlon X2 3000 +
• RAM: 2 GB
• Hard diske: 7.59 GB
• Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
• Video: Nvidia Geforce 9600 or Radeon H1900
Bionic Commando (2009/RUS/ENG/Rip by RGUniGamers)

Changed the language

-open the context xml in notepad .you can find in game folder
-Click edit, on the first line at the end you will see the language that already in use, change that to the language u prefer.