Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nuclear Dawn Lossless RePack by R.G Element Arts (2.12 GB)

Nuclear Dawn Lossless RePack by R.G. Element Arts (2.12 GB)
Nuclear Dawn is the first game to offer a full FPS and RTS experience, within a single gameplay model, without crippling or diluting either side of the game.As a soldier, explore war-torn post-apocalyptic landscapes, modelled on modern cities, and take the fight to your enemies as armoured, assault or stealth infantry, using various weapons across ten distinct load-outs to accomplish your objectives. The first person shooter action in Nuclear Dawn is hard, fast and unforgiving, with weapons that rely on skill and tactics more than on twitch reflexes and map memorization.

System Requirements

* Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7

* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo with any 2.4 GHz or equivalent

* RAM: 2 GB
* Video: 128 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9 support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon HD 2900 NVidia GeForce 8800)

* Free space on hard disk: 5.02 GB. 
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