Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spec Ops The LineDemo (1.7 GB) Steam NOT CRACKED

Spec Ops: The Line – an unusual cinematic third-person shooter that forces you to engage in confrontation not only with real opponents, but even with their own principles. Prepare to be in a world where there is no place the concept of “morality” and at every step we have to choose – who live and who die.
Dubai has been wiped from the face of the Earth’s horrific cataclysm. The unprecedented dust storm turned the once magnificent city in ruins. And now you in the role of Captain Martin’s Delta Force squad to go to Walker abandoned the territory to find and return the home of Colonel John Conrad.
Take part in the raid and battle with opponents who are not afraid of death. To survive and succeed, it is necessary to use different tactics of combat, a variety of authentic military equipment and features of the landscape. The unique system of Dynamic Sand will be you and a reliable ally, and treacherous enemy. Sand does not care who is right and who is to blame – a good shot can bring down the mass of silicon on the heads of your opponents, but the same can happen to you.
Spec Ops: The Line combines an exciting story and thrilling multiplayer campaign with a lot of competitive and cooperative regimes. You will be able to enter the conflict on the side of one of the two factions and to prove their superiority against the backdrop of the beautiful and simultaneously horrifying ruined landscapes of Dubai.
Year: 2012
Genre: Shooter / Action
Developer: Yager
Publisher: 2K Games / 1C
Publication Type: Demo
Language: English
Language: English
Crack: Not required
Minimum system requirements:
• Operating system: Windows Vista / 7
• Processor: Quad Core 02.04 GHz processor
• Memory: 3 GB
• Video: 512 + MB
• Free space: 10 GB
• History Martin Walker is not just force you to choose between “right” and “necessary”.
• Arena for a special operation will be the ruins of Dubai – the city that once drowning in luxury and known as the most chic place on earth. At every step there is mixed with the splendor of the destruction, and preserved within the fine structures hidden death.
• An important factor in the battles of Spec Ops: The Line serves the sand. Accurate shot can often radically change the course of the battle. Sands like living in Dubai – this uncontrollable and unpredictable force can both help you and destroy you.
• Even in the most heated skirmishes will always be close companions managed by artificial intelligence.
• A challenging campaign scene complement a variety of network modes, among which there are both classic options and unique modifications associated with the development of the main plot. You can choose one of the two sides of the conflict, to personalize your character and customize it to fit your own style of play.
1) Run steambackup.ehe
2) Click the Specs Ops: The Line Demo backup
3) Play

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